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Rephrase Adam and Eve

Updated: May 17

Rephrase Adam and Eve -- Photo by Avonne Stalling

What if the story of Adam and Eve isn’t a creation story in the way we’ve come to associate it? What if the symbols in this story don’t represent duality between men and women, or a fall from paradise? What if Adam and Eve don’t represent duality at all?

Consider for a moment something radically different…

Adam = humanity in our current state of evolving

Eve = the physical plane, including our precious Earth

Snake = the prodding energy, provoking and inspiring movement onward

Tree = truth, breaking through the illusion of separation

Consider: the concept that we were lied to is false. We simply misinterpret or misunderstand what we see.

We have created so many illusions of separation: separation between body and spirit; man and woman; animal and human; cultures, colors and classes. Even our sense of down here on Earth and “out there” in the Universe is an illusion of separation.

With this in mind, let’s take another look at our symbols in the Adam and Eve story from a different perspective...

ADAM is used by Qabalists to refer to ALL humanity.

EVE was the The Very Beginning, Great Mother, Goddess and Virgin Mother Earth.

SNAKE is kundalini, awakening, arising energy, dangerous to the unprepared (and to organized control), and bringer of enlightenment or higher states of consciousness.

TRUTH is derived from the word “tree” and tree is the link between heaven and Earth.

This is a particularly interesting time to be alive, because so many are waking up to this sense of connectedness, of being a part of something much more expansive. As science attempts to bring us closer to understanding ourselves and the nature of reality, the division between spirituality and physicality begins to blur and—in some cases—disappear altogether. Metaphysics and Quantum Physics appear to be two approaches to answering the very same questions. Questions that mystics and sages have been holding forth answers to for a very long time.

Everything is connected. We have tremendous power in working with energies that are readily available to all. We all actively take part in the creation process. Words have power. Thoughts have power. Emotions have power. We are the creators of our own reality.

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