About Lyana Pearson

I am a professional freelance writer.

I write about life, about people and the unique gifts each brings to the world. I write about products, services and missions by appealing to emotion, and by painting an authentic and compelling picture with words. I tell the human story and bring visions to life.

Drawing out the romance in everyday objects, scenarios and people around me keeps me inspired. Seeing through appearances to underlying motivations, teasing out the best qualities in a person and what they do—understanding how they see the world—brings me joy. I love hearing people's stories and rephrasing their experiences in a way that shapes their perspective, helping them to see the world in a more positive light.

Over a decade in the marketing, branding and copywriting industry has given me incredible opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients and learn from the best writers, marketing and branding experts and "experience developers." Perception is everything and perceptions can be overcome. Sometimes, all it takes is a few words.

I call it Rephrase because I believe that just about anything can be re-framed to create a sense of satisfaction or awe, appeal to real emotion and show a person or service for the authentic, unique contribution they are.

Now let me tell your story...

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