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—By Lyana Pearson

Learn how to gain exposure quickly and keep the followers you earn.


Follow the simple steps in this easy to read guide to build an Instagram audience that aligns with your brand. Create a following a loyal consumers who genuinely love your products or services, and who will share your posts with others.

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As companies restructure the way they do business, and more people are working from home, knowing how to effectively market your services or products online has become more important than ever before.

It’s easy to build an audience on social media platforms if you know how. 


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This book teaches you how to curate a sustainable audience of like-minded people (without spending a penny) who remain with you and help you grow.


Going the Social Distance is a practical step-by-step guide on how to find and interact with your ideal audience, build your authentic social brand, and create valuable content that people want to see.

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