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Article Writing and Copyediting

Valuable Content That Engages & Inspires

You are the authority on your subject. You may think that most people understand the basics of your products or services, however, even the most basic information you take for granted can be helpful to your audience. They don't share your expertise, training or eye for the right materials. Regularly writing articles that include facts, stories, tips or observations and posting them to your business social media profiles and (hopefully) a blog on your own website draws interested readers to your website and increases search engine optimization (SEO).

Being the authority on your subject and writing about it is only part of the equation. If your article sounds professional and is well written, people will respect what you have to say. If your content is interesting, has a good subject line, and is a reasonable length, people are more likely to read and share your article.


You want an article to read more like a narrative, and keep industry specific terms/jargon to a minimum so that it is obvious you are the expert without sounding stilted or like a bulleted spec sheet.

I copyedit articles to ensure they are:

  • Professional

  • Interesting reads

  • Carry the tone appropriate for your audience

  • Maintain consistency and flow

  • Contain excellent grammar and punctuation

  • Make use of industry buzzwords in moderation

Let's have a conversation about your article/s and how great writing can improve your readership: Contact Me

PRICING: I recommend keeping your articles fairly short (between 500 - 1000 words). My $75 hourly rate is based on a 500 word article.

PLEASE NOTE: For effective representation of your services or product/s and brand voice, please send additional information or links in support of your article that provide a thorough understanding of your business, your offering and values. If I do not have enough information to go on, I am happy to perform further research for an additional fee. Research: add one hour per 500 word article. 

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