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Get the Followers Who Already Want What You Sell

Social media marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs

By Lyana Pearson


Get the Followers Who Already Want What You Sell is the #1 handbook for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

"It’s a fast read, well written, and makes some of the more difficult to understand concepts quite easy to understand. If you’re in business, don’t admit you don’t have this book. Strongly recommend."

—Tim Kenney, Influencer and CEO of TKM

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What Could You Do With an Audience

HUNGRY for Your Products or Services?

This book teaches you how to curate a social media following whose desires, interests, and needs match your offer.


Get the Followers Who Already Want What You Sell is a practical step-by-step guide on how to find and interact with your ideal audience, build your authentic social brand, and share valuable content with the people who already have an interest in your offering.


With billions of messages floating through on people’s screens every day, you need genuine, unique and personable techniques to attract an authentic and loyal following of people with interests that match your brand. 


Learn how to gain exposure quickly and keep the followers you earn.


Written by professional copywriter and author, Lyana Pearson, this book is a quick read, yet contains in-depth instructions you can turn to again and again for techniques that work! 


She dives deep into Instagram channels you may not know were available and shares with you general principles you can take with you into any social media platform to grow your sustainable audience quickly.


If you want to gain exposure, you need to know how to make full use of all the free tools available to you through social media. Get the Followers shows you how.

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