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Email Campaigns

From a professional copywriter's perspective.

Marketing Messages That Inspire Action

Create email campaigns that increase your revenue

Sending regular emails to your lists can keep them informed about your latest products and services and drive traffic to your website or business. You need an enticing subject line that stands out among the constant trickle. Your email should be include beautiful graphics (no matter what your offer is) and the email itself should be concise, interesting to read and include a clear call to action. I help clients create a narrative from bulleted lists or cull their message down to the most important pieces of information to improve readership. For some businesses, emails go out in conjunction with social media posts and website updates. In this way, you are getting in front of your audience on multiple platforms and increasing your marketing success. Some things to think about when building an email campaign:

  • Enticing subject lines mean more of your emails get opened

  • Big, beautify graphics draw them into your messaging

  • Personable emails allow your consumers to relate in

  • Clear calls to action inspire clicks to your website

  • Create a narrative that engages and inspires

  • If your email is beautifully designed your consumer is more likely to follow through

  • Frequency depends on your business: daily or weekly for eCommerce, less often for services

  • Email is a highly effective advertisement.

  • Marketing messages increase your success rate 

Let's have a conversation about your email campaigns and how great writing can improve your click through rate: Contact Me

PRICING: I recommend keeping your emails fairly short (between 500 - 1000 words). My $65 hourly rate is based on a 500 word email.

PLEASE NOTE: For effective representation of your services or product/s and brand voice, please send additional information or links in support of your email campaign that provide a thorough understanding of your business, your offering and values.

Examples of items I may require from you: mission statement, services/product type breakdown, who your target audience is, how long you've been in business, perceptions about what you offer, information about your competitor/s.

If I do not have enough information to go on, I am happy to perform further research for an additional fee. Research: add one hour per 500 word email.

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