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Marketing Collateral

Marketing Messages That Inspire Action

Make the most of advertisements and marketing materials you hand out. Great copywriting will get attention, engage your audience and drive traffic to your website or brick and mortar store. Marketing messages will vary depending on how they are being used. For a poster or trade show banner should be concise, engaging and to the point. Brochures can be lengthier and need to be easy to read. A business card or postcard you want your copy to be memorable, short and "sticky."

The professionalism of your message builds integrity and confidence. Humor makes you sound personable and allows your reader to identify with you. Romance language sells through emotional appeal. I can help you find your brand voice and create marketing messages that grab your target audience in a few shorts words or engage them through descriptions of your services or products that inspire a clear call to action.

Handing out or publishing badly worded marketing materials is like handing out money.

Are your Facebook Ads and Google AdWords campaigns as effective as you would like them to be? Create marketing copy that gets attention and drives clickthroughs to your website. Hiring a professional copywriter for all of your marketing collateral and

advertising needs will:

  • Build trust

  • Drive traffic to your website or business

  • Connect with your audience

  • Build awareness

  • Increase your network

  • Inform potential consumers

Let's have a conversation about your marketing collateral and how messaging can improve your business: Contact Me

PRICING: My base hourly rate for marketing collateral copywriting is $85. Contact me to discuss your project, what your needs are receive an estimate.

PLEASE NOTE: For effective representation of your services or product/s and brand voice, I will need you to send  additional information or links in support of your marketing collateral that provide a thorough understanding of your business, your offering and brand values. 

Examples of items I may require from you: mission statement, services/product type breakdown, who your target audience is, how long you've been in business, perceptions about what you offer, information about your competitor/s. 

If I don't have enough information to go on, I am always happy to perform research for an additional fee.

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