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  • Lyana Pearson

Joy is the realization that life doesn’t have to be so serious.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Laugh away illusions…

Of separation

Of solidity

Of permanence

Be willing to laugh with yourself and at yourself. The next time you feel like being silly or goofy, DO it! Allow the inner fool out because she’s adventurous, always looking up to the next peak and ready to leap into the unknown with ease and confidence. Joy can be found easily in a walk through nature, watching a new puppy leap about, or a baby just discovering they have toes. Finding joy in mundane details of everyday life is one of the keys to consistent movement toward living your purpose.

Take a deep breath and guffaw at the words that just came out of your mouth all garbled and backwards, or the trick you just did with your feet that stumbled you forward; laugh at the absurdity of the bondage of seriousness.

Grin the next time you fundamentally disagree with something someone is saying and let your mind rest still with the knowledge that everyone is entitled to their own journey and you are loving yours! Because it’s of your own making. And because you know you have the choice to experience JOY.

For more inspiration 👉 @rephraselife on Instagram.

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