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  • Lyana Pearson

Relax Into Inspired Action

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

I believe we get where we want to be in life through Inspired Action, not hard work.

I’ve been seeing a lot of messages from people lately about getting where you want to be in life only through hard work. While these messages are meant to be motivational, I find them to have the opposite effect. They tell my subconscious mind that being successful at something is meant to be difficult, and I don’t believe this to be true.

Hard implies difficulty and challenge.

When we’re working hard, we’re really pushing and trying and putting forth a lot of effort to control something we think needs to be forced into place. That’s because we don’t believe it can fall into place naturally and easily.

Instead, I’ve been learning to let things flow naturally—even when they don’t appear to be going my way. The most rewarding experiences and opportunities I’ve seen in my own life haven’t come through hard work, but rather, they’ve shown up when I am most relaxed.

It might help to engage discipline and practice to hone my skills. It may take focus on and dedication to my chosen goal. Spending energy and focus get me into a state of readiness that inspires the confidence and joyful, grateful expectancy that allows what I want to flow into my experience.

However, I’ve noticed that even those things may not be required for success, although they are one way to get there.

When I can remain in an easy state of expectant gratitude, the most amazing opportunities and people come into my life experience. It’s when I’m not working hard that I engage in creative, intuitive actions that bring about the perfect opportunities for me.

So stop working so hard. Relax. Get into a bubble bath, a shower, a bike ride, a circle of puppies, or whatever it takes to open your heart into gratitude and ease. Allow the space for inspiration to flow in and then take inspired action from there.

Then watch that place you want to be in life flow directly to you.

For more inspiration 👉 @rephraselife on Instagram.

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