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Rephrase.Life professional copywriter, copyediter and blogger founded by Lyana Pearson, maketing message specialist
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Effective marketing messages that improve your business.


Get the Followers Who Already Want What You Sell

Social media marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs

—By Lyana Pearson

Learn how to gain exposure quickly and keep the followers you earn.

Get the Followers Who Already Want What You Sell is a practical step-by-step guide on how to find and interact with your ideal audience, build your authentic social brand, and create valuable content that people want to see...and buy.

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Redefining the world we are looking at, the people who surround us, and the circumstances we find ourselves in so that we can create a more fulfilling tomorrow.

I tell the human story and bring visions to life.

Content That Gets Results.

You want product descriptions that appeal to your customers, email marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, articles and blog posts that get shared and website copy that makes your phone ring. Great writing improves your business by increasing your credibility, professionalism and desirability. Inspire your consumers to action! View the professional writing services I offer and let's have a conversation about your professional copywriting needs.

I specialize in inspirational and educational content for coaches, transformational leaders, mindfulness and consciousness teachers, meditation and self-development experts. I also work with clients who offer wellness products and services, and who actively seek to improve others' lives.

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